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Sustainable Agriculture

We hope to bring positive change to the westside of Kauaʻi through the development of land for sustainable agriculture.

IWIKUA will be partnering with local farmers to develop be an area for planting fruits and vegetables, cultivation of plants for Lāʻau lapaʻau (traditional Hawaiian medicine), and raising livestock.  This will in turn provide the community with an invaluable resource for service and learning on the properties through community outreach and volunteer opportunities, as well as the potential for a farmer’s market or a Community Supported Agriculture program.

The farm project is divided into two sections, Mauka and Makai.  Read more about each project by following the links below.


Mauka means towards the mountain.  The focus will be on uka projects such as a sustainable agroforestry system, lāʻau lapaʻau preparation, and food production.  Learn more about the mauka projects and details here!


The Makai programs will focus on development of loʻi (wetland taro patches), aquaponics and aquaculture systems during the process of soil bioremediation.